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Introducing Tarski

Does the world need another WordPress theme? Probably not. What the hell, though—here’s one anyway.

Tarski is my contribution to an open source ecology that has been very good to me. Hopefully at least one or two people will find it useful.

Ideally, every blog would be designed personally by a skilled professional, with the design geared to the needs and personality of the author and their writing. However, this usually isn’t possible—most people have neither the skill to do it for themselves, the time to learn, or the money to hire someone.

With this in mind, I think it’s important that there is a wide range of good, free templates out there that people can simply install and start using.

If you’d like to port Tarski to Movable Type, Textpattern, Typo or what have you, feel free. All I ask is that you let me know, so I can update the Tarski blog.

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Superb - As usual.

Hat off for me, grats.

Nice work, lads. Glad I could help out with a header image, and I am sure Tarski will wind up more popular than you can imagine.

This is crazy good. I might have to jack one of those headers for myself though… :-D

I really like this theme. I downloaded it last night and already started trying to make it my own. Thanks!!!

What a gorgeous design! I switched over to it from Blix this afternoon.

I’m running it! Great job guys!

Thanks for all the kind words. We’ve just released an update which fixes the problems a couple of people had, adds the option to centre the design, and gives it more plugin functionality out of the box.

The upcoming WP 2.0.2 changes the way Links works. It’s now called Bookmarks and as a result your sidebar code will list categories as separate header with no items under them. You can fix your template for WP 2.0.2 by hacking up a copy of the get_links_list function found in template-functions-bookmarks.php after you get a nightly build of WP to test with. It’s easy to hack up, just allow someone to pass the heading tags (H3, /H3) and whatever else you want.

Thanks for letting me know—I’m sure we’ll be releasing a new version after 2.0.2 comes out, but your help giving us a headstart is much appreciated. :)

A port to Movable Type would be awesome.

All in all, it looks awesome. Nice. Very Nice.

Great theme. I’ve just started using it on my reviews blog Susan hated Literature.