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In Praise of Newshutch

Newshutch is a great web-based feedreader.


Mobile phones need a ‘Disconnect’ mode which will let you work in peace without turning your phone off.

WSG London

The inaugural WSG London event was held on Friday night. Here’s my report on the event and a few followup thoughts on Andy Budd’s talk.


While the new Design Observer is generally very nice, it does suffer from a few issues.

Foot in Mouth

A response to some slightly foolish comments about customisation in WordPress themes.

The Nesting Instinct

People love to customise their websites. We should be helping them to do so.

Tarski Header Requirements Analysis

Some analysis of the problem faced when making a header for my Tarski WordPress theme.

The Geometry of Progress

Some thoughts on Tarski’s limitations and new development directions. Not quite a roadmap, but certainly a step towards one.

More on Mugs

Miscellaneous mug design comments, encompassing Penguin Classics.

Introducing Tarski

Chris and I are happy to announce that we’ve just released Tarski to the world.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A new site design, taking the place of the Mobile theme which will live on in the public Tarski theme.

Weblog Theme Documentation

Some thoughts on writing documentation for publicly-released weblog themes.

The Three Colours Philosophy

A useful trick for preserving visual simplicity, informational richness, and aesthetic appeal in a website design.

Public and Private Code

A few thoughts on the difficulties of producing code for public consumption rather than strictly for private use.

Mug Matters

What makes a good mug? Find out, using this handy guide!

A Hint of Immodesty

I don’t approve of automatically placing Digg or buttons by every post one makes.

Adopt Your Own Fish Mobile

Save a family of cardboard fish from extinction.


Internet Explorer’s incorrect interpretation of the box model means that using negative margins can be extremely problematic.


Hearing people who obviously don’t know what they’re doing act like professionals pisses me off no end.

Foreground the Background

Developers using images as backgrounds need to remember to set background colours as well, or they hurt usability.

Open Source Ecology

Most people who use open source software never give anything back directly to the project; is this a problem?


HTML needs a wider range of elements if we’re going to make the “semantic web” happen.

Websites Are Like Buses…

The difficulty of coping with multiple project deadlines.

The Online Business Card

Small company websites explaining what the business does and how to get in contact with them are like online business cards.

The iPhone Chronicles

Analysis and speculation about Apple’s phone plans.

Sounds of the City

New London architecture and the Guardian redesign.

Dead Space

Not to be confused with white space, outer space or non-Euclidean space.


The skyscraping future of the London horizon.

Scribbles of Steel

Fragments of process help us to understand where buildings come from, and where they might go.


If you try to push back the boundaries of what you can do, sometimes you fail. This was one of those times.

Degrading Gracefully

Are architects taking a long enough view with regards to the future of their buildings?

Relicnews Redesign

The tortured process of creating a new iteration of a gaming news site.

Iterative Design

The endless metamorphosis of the web points us towards a new design methodology.

Feed Me

iTunes 4.9 includes podcasting support: here’s my reaction, which is broadly positive.

Not Just a Design Concern

The communication between a client and their designer is the most essential part of developing a website.


A review of Chandos Deli’s sandwiches, and society’s failure to properly appreciate bread.

Little Boxes

Architecture needs to be allowed into our lives.

Moleskine Musings

Are Moleskines really that great? As always, the issue is much more complex than it first appears.

Of Rodents and Users

Mousepads exemplify a class of often-unnoticed objects, useful without drawing attention to themselves.

Pressed Words

The wonders of WordPress, including clever code, a clean interface and fantastic functionality.

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