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How throwaway media help me work.


An explanation of sorts for the new name.


Tarski 1.2 and the pleasant surprise of people volunteering to help with your project.

Nuclear Test Edition

Chernobyl asks so many questions. Here is the beginning of the beginning of a response.

Tarski Header Requirements Analysis

Some analysis of the problem faced when making a header for my Tarski WordPress theme.

The Geometry of Progress

Some thoughts on Tarski’s limitations and new development directions. Not quite a roadmap, but certainly a step towards one.

Archival Horticulture

My reasoning behind a major overhaul of the archives, including pruning dead wood and a new set of ‘vintage’ articles.


One year on from when I started blogging, I ponder how to set the really worthwhile entries apart from the dross.

Introducing Tarski

Chris and I are happy to announce that we’ve just released Tarski to the world.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A new site design, taking the place of the Mobile theme which will live on in the public Tarski theme.


Some paint spatters a la Pollock, for a new WordPress theme.

Adopt Your Own Fish Mobile

Save a family of cardboard fish from extinction.

number 9 dream

Welcome to our new overlords, the 9rules Network.

You Set the Scene

A disclaimer, that isn’t a disclaimer, about first posts, before I begin.

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