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No Smoking

Public transport, smoking, and life in London.


How throwaway media help me work.


Sandpits in childhood and in web development.

WP, Shell and Me

Tweaking WordPress via SSH, and a paean to the command line.


The whys and why-nots of doing a further degree.

All in Plato

Why philosophy should be taught in schools across the land.

For the Price of a Cup of Tea

Despite the explosion of caf├ęs on Britain’s high streets, good ones are still hard to find.


Tarski 1.2 and the pleasant surprise of people volunteering to help with your project.

Missing the Bin

An aesthetic experience beloved of writers everywhere will soon fall victim to our environmental concerns.


Human connections and the isolation of mental illness as elucidated by the act of letter-writing.

Tying Down the Facts

Historical context not only helps us to learn, it provides a valuable set of limits on how much of the intellectual burden we have to carry.

Nite Owl

There’s a lot to be said for bashing out work at half-one in the morning when you’re meant to be in bed.

City of Illusions

Fleeting thoughts on Ballard and the shattering of solipsistic illusions.


Mobile phones need a ‘Disconnect’ mode which will let you work in peace without turning your phone off.

Rubber Band Ball

I’m making a ball out of the rubber bands I collect on the street.

Rainy Days and Dry Gardens

Being British, I have to chat about the weather occasionally.

Nuclear Test Edition

Chernobyl asks so many questions. Here is the beginning of the beginning of a response.

April Skies

The arrival of spring induces a contemplation of the importance of our physical environment.


A meditation on beards, my father, and how such ephemeral characteristics become bound up with our ideas of people.

Retrospective To-Do Lists

After completing a task of reasonable significance that, for some reason, wasn’t on my to-do list, I add it to the end of the list and cross it off.

Mug Matters

What makes a good mug? Find out, using this handy guide!

A Hint of Immodesty

I don’t approve of automatically placing Digg or buttons by every post one makes.

Too Much and Not Enough

In which I bemoan my failure to read all the books I already own, and my inability to stop buying new ones.

A Brief Paean to the Internet

Many of our physical limitations simply don’t matter, or at any rate matter a good deal less, when we’re communicating online.

Open Source Ecology

Most people who use open source software never give anything back directly to the project; is this a problem?

Missing John Peel

A brief tribute to the great radio presenter.

No Photo

What does the increasing weight of the photographic record amassing around us mean for us as people?

The Lies They Tell Us

Or, why we all need to be philosophers.

The Importance of Putting Socks On

Rituals give our lives definition and focus; they are a powerful tool that can put us into the right frame of mind to do whatever needs doing.


A reaction to the 7th July bombing of the London transport infrastructure.

Travel as Cinema

The connection of trains and cinema is not an accidental one.


A review of Chandos Deli’s sandwiches, and society’s failure to properly appreciate bread.

The Electric Kafka

How Blade Runner led me to Philip K. Dick.

Ormerod’s America

Flickr and my ineptitude where photography is concerned segues into some impressions of Michael Ormerod’s photographs of America.

The Big Empty

Some sketchy thoughts on America and its mythology in music and pictures.

Contemplating Jazz

A Love Supreme made me think about a lot of things, not least how hard jazz can be to get into.

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