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An explanation of sorts for the new name.


The whys and why-nots of doing a further degree.

All in Plato

Why philosophy should be taught in schools across the land.

Approaches to Teaching Philosophy

The pros and cons of text-based versus subject-based learning in undergraduate studies of philosophy.

Tying Down the Facts

Historical context not only helps us to learn, it provides a valuable set of limits on how much of the intellectual burden we have to carry.

Humean Ideas

Why David Hume is the greatest philosopher of all time, and the problem that a priori knowledge poses for his theory of ideas and impressions.

An Arduous Undertaking

Some thoughts on Descartes’ First Meditation, for the 9rules philosophy reading group.

Intentionality 2

In which we explore the status of folk psychology.

Intentionality 1

The first in a series of articles on intentionality, this piece introduces intentionality as a concept and examines our basic intuitions about the subject.

Epistemology Primer

A brief introduction to epistemology, the branch of philosophy that deals with knowledge: what it is, and thus, what we can know.

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