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Last Year’s Books

The books I read in 2006.

In Praise of Newshutch

Newshutch is a great web-based feedreader.

WSG London

The inaugural WSG London event was held on Friday night. Here’s my report on the event and a few followup thoughts on Andy Budd’s talk.


While the new Design Observer is generally very nice, it does suffer from a few issues.

Wild Thing

My adoration of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are is matched only by my desire for a wolf suit of my very own.

Vintage Greene

In praise of Vintage Books; a brief review of Graham Greene’s The Quiet American; and an oddity about their publications of The Name of the Rose.

Top 5 of 2005

My five favourite albums of 2005, chosen from a fairly small field, but a strong list nonetheless.


Not-really-a-review of Howl’s Moving Castle, and some meditations on translation and responsibility.

Faces and Places

A sort of review of Carol Grimes live at the Vortex Jazz Club.

Glastonbury 2005

My experiences at the 2005 Glastonbury music festival, day by day in diary format.

Feed Me

iTunes 4.9 includes podcasting support: here’s my reaction, which is broadly positive.

The Dark Knight Returns

Why Batman: Year One wouldn’t have worked as a film (despite the comic’s greatness), and why Batman Begins does.

Faces of Evil

The physical manifestation of moral corruption is a prediliction of current Hollywood movies.

The Filmic Phase

The Hitchhiker’s movie left me with this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.

The Electric Kafka

How Blade Runner led me to Philip K. Dick.

Ormerod’s America

Flickr and my ineptitude where photography is concerned segues into some impressions of Michael Ormerod’s photographs of America.

Contemplating Jazz

A Love Supreme made me think about a lot of things, not least how hard jazz can be to get into.

Nonspatial Continua

Thoughts on William Gibson’s Count Zero, and the literature of time and memory.

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