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Detect Current Page Template

Detect the template in use by the current page—no SQL required.

Adding Custom WordPress Hooks

How to add custom API hooks to your WordPress theme.

The WordPress Community Does Not Exist

Or at any rate, it’s so vague a term as to be essentially vacuous.

Raising Requirements

Why the next version of Tarski will require a recent version of WordPress.


Tarski 1.2 and the pleasant surprise of people volunteering to help with your project.


Tarski 1.2 is out, and so is this advert.

Foot in Mouth

A response to some slightly foolish comments about customisation in WordPress themes.

The Nesting Instinct

People love to customise their websites. We should be helping them to do so.

Tarski Header Requirements Analysis

Some analysis of the problem faced when making a header for my Tarski WordPress theme.

The Geometry of Progress

Some thoughts on Tarski’s limitations and new development directions. Not quite a roadmap, but certainly a step towards one.

Introducing Tarski

Chris and I are happy to announce that we’ve just released Tarski to the world.


Some paint spatters a la Pollock, for a new WordPress theme.

Weblog Theme Documentation

Some thoughts on writing documentation for publicly-released weblog themes.

Public and Private Code

A few thoughts on the difficulties of producing code for public consumption rather than strictly for private use.

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