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An explanation of sorts for the new name.

WP, Shell and Me

Tweaking WordPress via SSH, and a paean to the command line.


The whys and why-nots of doing a further degree.

Last Year’s Books

The books I read in 2006.

Missing the Bin

An aesthetic experience beloved of writers everywhere will soon fall victim to our environmental concerns.


Tarski 1.2 is out, and so is this advert.

WSG London

The inaugural WSG London event was held on Friday night. Here’s my report on the event and a few followup thoughts on Andy Budd’s talk.

Foot in Mouth

A response to some slightly foolish comments about customisation in WordPress themes.

The Geometry of Progress

Some thoughts on Tarski’s limitations and new development directions. Not quite a roadmap, but certainly a step towards one.

Archival Horticulture

My reasoning behind a major overhaul of the archives, including pruning dead wood and a new set of ‘vintage’ articles.


One year on from when I started blogging, I ponder how to set the really worthwhile entries apart from the dross.

number 9 dream

Welcome to our new overlords, the 9rules Network.

High Water Everywhere

Now, the water, mama, done took Charley’s town.


A reaction to the 7th July bombing of the London transport infrastructure.

Pressed Words

The wonders of WordPress, including clever code, a clean interface and fantastic functionality.

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