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Last Year’s Books

The books I read in 2006.

Missing the Bin

An aesthetic experience beloved of writers everywhere will soon fall victim to our environmental concerns.


Human connections and the isolation of mental illness as elucidated by the act of letter-writing.

Tying Down the Facts

Historical context not only helps us to learn, it provides a valuable set of limits on how much of the intellectual burden we have to carry.

City of Illusions

Fleeting thoughts on Ballard and the shattering of solipsistic illusions.

Too Much and Not Enough

In which I bemoan my failure to read all the books I already own, and my inability to stop buying new ones.

Taking Time

Take the time to do things properly, and make sure that all your work is supported by an appropriate amount of planning and preparation.

To and From

Important differences between letters and emails.


We are speakers and listeners and readers and writers, and that gives language—words—power over us.


A companion piece to ‘Erase’, making the opposite case—knowing who made something is vital to really understanding it.


Stop looking at artists’ names and just ask, “Is it any good?”

High Water Everywhere

Now, the water, mama, done took Charley’s town.


Memes: the bubonic plague of the internet.

Viral Tactility

A few remarks on trends, tactility and taking the long road.

Tricking Myself Into Writing

The new routines I’ve instituted to keep my productivity up, plus a couple of product endorsements.

Moleskine Musings

Are Moleskines really that great? As always, the issue is much more complex than it first appears.

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