Stress makes people stupid. Stress stops people thinking. Stressed people fall back on their habits and their instincts, while most of their brain is preoccupied with getting them through whatever situation they’re in.

We can’t do anything about instinct, but we can, with time and effort, alter our habits (Peter Flaschner just wrote a post on this). One very important habit is eating well. If you like to nibble stuff when you’re stressed, try and make it a packet of nuts rather than a chocolate bar. Make sure there’s some low-effort food around for when you can’t face cooking; tinned soup and sliced bread in the freezer can save your bacon.

Peter’s not the only one doing the business retrospective thing; James Archer has an excellent article up on Strange Brand about his first year running Forty Media, the web design company he founded, and Cameron Moll reflects on 180 days as a freelancer.

Possibly incoming, after my exhausting and insanely busy term finishes: new music and book reviews, some thoughts on the future of graphic design for the web, and a few new directions for my writing here. Watch this space!

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