Extralogical has been around for almost five years. Here’s the greatest hits collection.


During the first year of the site I contemplated jazz, got annoyed with Hollywood, and thought about America, particularly its landscape. Worrying about the open source ecology and reviewing a little music, 2005 saw me wrote the most—and, depressingly, the best—that I have done.


The fish mobile is probably still my favourite thing on the site. Unsurprisingly, I’m still terrible at finishing all my books, writing code for general consumption is still a complete pain, and I’ve completely failed to follow my own advice regarding documenting weblog themes. Philip K. Dick made a repeat appearance, and Tarski took its first bow. All in all, 2006 was a busy year in which I wrote more than I realised at the time, and even found time to make a few things.


Finding a good cafĂ© remains tricky, and London is still pretty grim at times, but I’m less sure I still agree with my assertions about approaches to teaching philosophy. However, we should definitely be injecting it into the brains of schoolchildren. The rest of 2007 was spent writing code and finishing my degree, so I wrote a number of WordPress-related articles which are unsatisfying to reread.


In 2008 I introduced Paper Trail, a small Ruby on Rails application for keeping track of my reading. The year was notable for the code I wrote, including updates to Tarski and some improvements to WordPress, but articles were few and far between.


2009 mostly consisted of hacking rather than writing. I released Stylish, a Ruby DSL for generating CSS, and URLify, a library for replacing characters with diacritics with their unaccented equivalents. My article about switching to Ruby 1.9 became unexpectedly popular.

Last updated 8th Jan 2010