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Adopt Your Own Fish Mobile

When I redesigned this site last September, several people didn’t seem to quite realise that the fish in the header weren’t some Photoshop creation, but an actual mobile of cardboard cutout fish. The last of their kind, I rescued these poor souls from extinction in exchange for using their image for various nefarious purposes. They currently reside above my washing machine, bringing joy to all who see them.

Now you too can join this noble cause, and adopt your very own family of cardboard fish. Now available for download is a printable template which you can use to make your own fish mobile, in whatever colour you like.

I’m going to add images of people’s mobiles to this post as they come in; if you make one, please comment or email me with the image, I’d love to include it.

Example mobiles

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Glad that you got this project up and running Benedict. :-)

Very nice. Thanks! If only I could get hold of some graphite shaded paper…

You probably can; I saw a couple of nice shades of grey when I was at the art shop buying some card for my example above.

It’s funny, when I first saw it a few days ago I thought “Wow, what a cool idea!” But it never crossed my mind to actually make it. Then today I decide to have a look at the PDF and I immeadiately thought it would be a great idea to actually make it and I wondered why didn’t think to make it earlier.

I just thought that was a bit wierd. Anyway, I’m going to make it and hang it in my room. The very first time I arrived at Ionfish I loved those fish and now I’ll have my very own!

Maybe you could take some photos and email me with a link to the results? I’d love to see how it comes out.

Just found your website via 9rules, and was immediately impressed by the design! It’s combination of design and usability that I love, the recent articles right there when you’ve read a post is great! It’s given me food for thought anyway.

Oh, and, nice fish.

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