Articles from 2006

Adopt Your Own Fish Mobile

Save a family of cardboard fish from extinction.

Intentionality 1

The first in a series of articles on intentionality, this piece introduces intentionality as a concept and examines our basic intuitions about the subject.

Intentionality 2

In which we explore the status of folk psychology.

Too Much and Not Enough

In which I bemoan my failure to read all the books I already own, and my inability to stop buying new ones.

A Hint of Immodesty

I don’t approve of automatically placing Digg or buttons by every post one makes.

Vintage Greene

In praise of Vintage Books; a brief review of Graham Greene’s The Quiet American; and an oddity about their publications of The Name of the Rose.

Mug Matters

What makes a good mug? Find out, using this handy guide!

An Arduous Undertaking

Some thoughts on Descartes’ First Meditation, for the 9rules philosophy reading group.

Public and Private Code

A few thoughts on the difficulties of producing code for public consumption rather than strictly for private use.

The Three Colours Philosophy

A useful trick for preserving visual simplicity, informational richness, and aesthetic appeal in a website design.

Humean Ideas

Why David Hume is the greatest philosopher of all time, and the problem that a priori knowledge poses for his theory of ideas and impressions.

Weblog Theme Documentation

Some thoughts on writing documentation for publicly-released weblog themes.


Some paint spatters a la Pollock, for a new WordPress theme.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A new site design, taking the place of the Mobile theme which will live on in the public Tarski theme.

Introducing Tarski

Chris and I are happy to announce that we’ve just released Tarski to the world.


One year on from when I started blogging, I ponder how to set the really worthwhile entries apart from the dross.

More on Mugs

Miscellaneous mug design comments, encompassing Penguin Classics.

Archival Horticulture

My reasoning behind a major overhaul of the archives, including pruning dead wood and a new set of ‘vintage’ articles.

The Geometry of Progress

Some thoughts on Tarski’s limitations and new development directions. Not quite a roadmap, but certainly a step towards one.

Tarski Header Requirements Analysis

Some analysis of the problem faced when making a header for my Tarski WordPress theme.

Retrospective To-Do Lists

After completing a task of reasonable significance that, for some reason, wasn’t on my to-do list, I add it to the end of the list and cross it off.

April Skies

The arrival of spring induces a contemplation of the importance of our physical environment.

Nuclear Test Edition

Chernobyl asks so many questions. Here is the beginning of the beginning of a response.

Rainy Days and Dry Gardens

Being British, I have to chat about the weather occasionally.

Rubber Band Ball

I’m making a ball out of the rubber bands I collect on the street.

Wild Thing

My adoration of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are is matched only by my desire for a wolf suit of my very own.

The Nesting Instinct

People love to customise their websites. We should be helping them to do so.


Foot in Mouth

A response to some slightly foolish comments about customisation in WordPress themes.

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While the new Design Observer is generally very nice, it does suffer from a few issues.

WSG London

The inaugural WSG London event was held on Friday night. Here’s my report on the event and a few followup thoughts on Andy Budd’s talk.


Mobile phones need a ‘Disconnect’ mode which will let you work in peace without turning your phone off.

In Praise of Newshutch

Newshutch is a great web-based feedreader.

City of Illusions

Fleeting thoughts on Ballard and the shattering of solipsistic illusions.


Nite Owl

There’s a lot to be said for bashing out work at half-one in the morning when you’re meant to be in bed.

Tying Down the Facts

Historical context not only helps us to learn, it provides a valuable set of limits on how much of the intellectual burden we have to carry.



Human connections and the isolation of mental illness as elucidated by the act of letter-writing.

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Missing the Bin

An aesthetic experience beloved of writers everywhere will soon fall victim to our environmental concerns.


Tarski 1.2 and the pleasant surprise of people volunteering to help with your project.

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