A few weeks ago, I mentioned new directions. They’re not quite here yet, but they are here. 9rules implemented a category system with the last iteration of their site, and now they’ve taken the logical next step: communities.

Communities are focused on particular categories, syndicating all the posts from a given category and listing the members. Not only will it be easier for people to find the content they’re looking for, but we can now start to do some really interesting stuff with the community—by which I mean you and me.

I’m taking what you might call an editorial position in the 9rules Philosophy Community: the page will have its own blog, and I’ll be directing people’s attention to the best of the network’s philosophy content. This will take in articles from the archive as well as new material, and doubtless a few snide editorial comments from yours truly.

In between sleeping and eating, I’ve found a little time over Christmas to get some reading done. If I manage to keep it up, it should mean more directed writing here: reviews, commentary, rebuttals and so on. I can’t guarantee it will be good, but I’m reasonably confident that it will at least be interesting.